About Us

A Few Words About Us

page2_pic1Barnes Information Technology Solutions, L.L.C. was founded in 2005 by a veteran technologist, with an extensive background in Software Engineering.
The effective use of technology is a necessary component of success. Those organizations, whether large, medium-sized, small, or single proprietor, who appropriately harness technology, are those who will excel.

However, for many organizations, especially small to medium sized businesses, technology may not be your core competency. There can also be a tendency towards being caught up in the "shiny new thing", without giving thorough consideration to strategies, productivity, measurable business value, or information security. These elements and more, deserve thorough consideration, as they are major contributors to the success of your business.

It is our belief at Barnes Information Technology Solutions, that every worthwhile organization, regardless of size should be afforded the best possible opportunity for effectively harnessing the use of technology to grow their business and create success.

What We Offer


Treat your business/brand to a Holistic IT Consultation
Are you relying on a number of apps and tools for running your business? Let us assist you with a bird's eye view of your systems. We can look for opportunities of integration, improving workflow inefficiencies, and identifying potential gaps in security and compliance. Call, email us, or submit your request for an initial consultation.


Effective use of technology should also include process improvement.
Let us help you to identify where you can benefit from cloud based solutions. These solutions can help to lower IT costs, simplify processes and workflows, and improve communications among team members.


Do you have an awesome product or service?
Let us help with implementing strategies that help you to connect and form meaningful relationships with potential customers. Let us help you to gain measurable success through an eCommerce solution with measurable marketing strategies.